Genevieve’s picks

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Holy Ghost Girl
Donna Johnson
I cannot get this book out of my head. Donna Johnson writes of her childhood growing up within a revival tent with an honesty free of false rosiness or bitterness. While it would be easy to view Preacher David Terrell, the man her mother secretly weds, as a hero or a villain, Johnson does neither. Instead she gives us a portrait of deeply flawed humans desperately trying to do their best by God.
State of Wonder
Ann Patchett
State of Wonder’s fast-paced plot developments are balanced by contemplative moments that give it real depth. The novel is an Amazonian adventure among isolated tribes as well as a character-driven examination of the student/teacher relationship. It’s a rare literary page-turner.
Super Sad True Love Story
Gary Shtevyngart
In an alternate future that feels a lot like the present, a wimpy 39-year-old hits a grand-slam when he wins a young, hot girlfriend. But then he has to live with his grand-slam daily–and she doesn’t like books–t hey’re smelly and he has to Pinesol them. And then society collapses and he is lucky he has any books at all.
Lauren Myracle
A different twist on the teen summer novel. Cat spends the summer trying to discover who beat up her childhood friend, leaving him for dead, and why? But to do this she has to come out of her protective shell she’s been hiding in since her own rape two years earlier. Raw and honest, Shine is not light reading, but it wil keep you entranced.
The Decoding of Lana Morris
Laura & Tom McNeal
Lana, a foster child, discovers a magical sketchbook that brings her drawings to life. But her sketchbook doesn’t solve her problems with an evil foster mom, an amorous foster dad, friends that make her ride in the trunk, or the mysterious boy next door. The Decoding of Lana Morris is a favorite of mine, as well as one of my 14-year-old niece’s all-time favs.
Fat Vampire
Adam Rex
A serious comedy in which eternal life solves nothing whatsoever.
Orson Scott Card
Another great one from the world-famous author of Ender’s Game! A young man struggles to control his growing powers as he searches for his sister, unaware she is a princess, and that he himself is a prince. Once united they must escape royal intrigues, and in the process of survival uncover glimpses of how the medieval world they live in actually came about.
James Crowley
In the early 1900s two Blackfeet orphans run away from their boarding school and struggle to survive while hiding. Fantastic characters and vivid descriptions bring Montana’s wilderness to life! A great read for all!
Dust City
Robert Paul Weston
This is one of the most creative books I have read. Imagine Blade Runner in Fairyland, and then you might get something approximating Dust City. Evolved ravens, donkeys, wolves, goblins, fairies, and humans all inhabited the same dirty metropolis, until all the fairies mysteriously disappeared. Now fairy dust is a rare and dangerous drug sold on the black market, and those who profit from its sale have sinister plans that could mean the end to all evolved creatures. But teen wolf, and juvenile delinquent Henry Whelp knows that something is up, and he won’t stop until he has figured it out.
The Trouble with Chickens
Doreen Cronin, Kevin Cornell
A crime noir for kids! J.J. Tully is a retired search-and-rescue dog looking forward to a life of relaxation in the yard, so of course he gets roped into finding a chicken’s missing chick. There’s villains, adventure, daring escapes, and lots and lots of laughs. This is the BEST crime book for grades 3-7 EVER WRITTEN!

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