Join our new Frequent Shopper Savings Program!

Since little Timmy reads so much, he thinks Spellbinder’s Frequent Shopper Savings Program is stellar!

 As book lovers (and compulsive book buyers) ourselves, the staff of Spellbinder is well aware of how quickly money spent on books can add up. That’s why we want to reward our frequent shoppers with an invitation to join our new savings program! For every $100 you spend in the store, we give you a $10-off coupon for your next purchase!

“How do I join!?,” you ask?  It’s super simple and easy and barely takes any time at all!  Not only that, it’s free!  And no, this is not one of those seemingly sweet, yet annoyingly deceptive deals where we get your information and then fire a barrage of emails and phone calls and other irritating notifications at you.

We just take your first name, last name and phone number to record in our system. We may ask if you’d like to join our newsletter, but we won’t feel slighted if you decline.

Once you’ve created an account with us, any purchase (the subtotal amount) you make at Spellbinder (at any time) will be added to your account. Once you reach $100, we’ll print out a $10-off coupon for your next purchase!  It’s as easy as that!  Just remember to hang on to your coupon and use it within a year (because it will expire after one year). Your credit counts toward ANYTHING in the store (books, shirts, magazines, art, mugs, CDs…anything!).

So, the next time you stop by Spellbinder, ask to sign up for an account so you can start earning credit!


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