The New Frontier

“A room without books is as a body without a soul.”


Will the digital age render books obsolete?  The mere thought stings like an arrow through the hearts of those of us who are old-fashioned, diehard book lovers.  Many people make sentimental comments like, “Oh! Even with the convenience of electronic reading devices, I could never abandon my love for an actual book.”  Whether people revel in the weight, the smell of the pages, or in displaying a book somewhere prominently in their household, people have a fondness for books.  We can probably safely assume that books are here to stay.  But bookstores?  Now, that’s a trickier question.

If customers forego their local bookstores to buy books from online megacorporations, there may come a day when the “little shop around the corner” is no longer around. This would be a shame, since local bookstores not only showcase a wide selection of books, but they also employ local residents, donate to the community, host events, and provide a welcoming space for people to gather, relax, browse and find sanctuary.

But with more people than ever buying books from discounted online retailers like, bookstores are finding it more difficult to afford to carry such wide selections of titles. To compete, bookstores across the nation are trying to amp up their business strategies to compete and survive in this shifting industry. That is one reason why we at Spellbinder have started this blog. To keep up with the “times” and to thank people who have supported us in our 41 years of business, we want to publish personalized posts to offer insight, updates and information on books, the industry, and our bookstore. In our efforts to become more tech-savvy and hip, we thought a blog would be just the thing to better serve our customers’ book-buying needs.

When Sherman Alexie visited our community in February, he said, “Books will save your life.” Up until the turn of the century, bookstores have been almost exclusively the provider of books. Hopefully, book lovers will continue to save the lives of bookstores. We want to thank everyone who continues to be our lifeblood in this new frontier.

Stay tuned for more on Google eBooks,, staff picks, local events, gift ideas, and other store news!